TreeScale Introduction

Base Concepts

TreeScale is a network event/data distribution technology which is based on Math Tree/Graph algorithms for giving 0 cost unlimited scalability, better performance and fastest failover detections on this earth. This is the general explanation what is TreeScale is about, but based on super scalable nature and low level networking functionality it have 100s of use cases.


TreeScale built with Rust and C++ languages combination for giving maximum performance and low level memory management for more efficient work. Based on this now TreeScale allocating only 513 bytes per connection and that number is not growing during data transfer, because we have persistent caching layer for giving built in Queue support and handle connection failures without loosing already received data. It is completely cross platform and tested on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and Solaris. One of our private projects is providing simple Real time Messaging cluster based on Raspberry Pi 2. Which successfully handled 1 Mln connections. So we can truly say TreeScale is ultimate technology in terms of scalability from single to multiple server environments.

Special Requests

We have a killer technology almost for every usacase. And now we are actively exploring new environments and usecases to make an implementation with it. If you have some suggestions or want to try it out and understand better how it can power up your environment please contact with us with [email protected]
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