Auth Tokens (password-less)
TreeScale has a concept of Auth Tokens which relates to password-less authentication in places where you really need a login to your Docker Registry but you don't want to give your password, or just use it as a temporary login thing. From TreeScale dashboard you can create new Auth Token and use it as your password when Pulling a docker image.
Settings -> Auth Tokens
You can use this token to perform docker login action, but you can't login to your dashboard with this. This means that if your key would be compromised, you just have to remove it from your Auth Tokens and access with that token would be denied.
~# docker login
username: <your username>
password: 8f621e2c74ab40b09670203abd981be4
This also will work during docker pull or docker push commands, so no need of making separate login and saving a token, if you think it is going to be a temporary access.

Use cases

One of the major customer requests that we had is to give an access to push/pull images from CI/CD platforms where you don't want to share your password. This would be the ideal thing to do.
If you have any suggestion or new feature request please let us know [email protected]
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Use cases